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You dont have to be a bad girl to win a mans heart. Because men want bad girls, but most dont dare date one. But there is a trick to avoid this problem. Bad girls are unpredictable. Most guys avoid them because they are not the kind of girl you want to introduce to your mother. But, as I said before, you dont have to be a bad girl, but you can have a touch of it in your blood, which will be more than enough to attract the attention of a man you like.

Teenage girls are awesome in VR

You are not a risk because you are basically good, but with a dark side that is expressed in the following qualities: You know no boundaries and want to try everything. You are not afraid of anything and you know that you have to try something before you judge it. Your evil side lets you go outside and experience new things. Men like that in a woman, because most are adventurous too. So show him the bad girl in you and go on wild adventures with him. You will not regret it. Men dont want anyone who depends on them. They dont want to carry the burden of the whole relationship on their shoulders. They want someone to work with them, someone willing to hit a wheel if necessary. They need someone who knows how to do things themselves. You admire and love women who take care of themselves. Bad girls are like that. Lets face it! Self-confidence is sexy! A woman cant wear anything as sexy as self-confidence. Even if you are the most disgusting woman in the world (arent you), you will attract men with self-confidence. You can see that from afar. Self-confidence attracts men. You wont see a bad girl walking down the street looking at the pavement stapled. She will walk proudly because she knows she can take on anything. She is so self-confident and so are you. This may surprise you, but men love it when the woman they want to bond with is a little filthy. Nobody wants a boring person at their side. Everyone wants a little excitement. That can only be a little cheeky or rise to full public dirtiness, depending on the man. The important thing is that you both feel comfortable with it. But the best kind of woman is the one who behaves like a lady and is totally filthy in bed. He wont be able to resist you. Most men like to take the initiative, especially in bed, but it gets boring at some point. Sometimes he wants to be the one who doesnt have to do anything. The most common male fantasies include a bad girl who takes the initiative and demands sex.

Old guys prefer young women

You know you can, dont you? Youre not afraid of anything and youll try anything. A bold woman is a hot woman. Men know that these women are not afraid to take the initiative and they can take care of themselves. They can master any situation. Youre not on cloud nine. When you see something, you call it by its name.bYou dont talk around the bush so that you dont hurt feelings. You do not live in a bubble because you are not afraid to face reality. Even if your reality is not pretty, you accept it and make the best of it.

Sex with chicks in a schoolgirl dress is a widespread fantasy

You know exactly how to seduce a man. You know exactly what to say and how to address him. You dont even bother that much, its easy for you. But apart from that you also know how to dress! When you pass by in this sharp dress, the mens jaws fall down like in the comic. You have the ability to capture a mans attention. You dont sit around waiting for things to solve themselves. You will act and never feel sorry for yourself or cry for your fate. You pull yourself together and work on a plan to solve the situation. You always know the solution and you do not complain about how hard it will be for you. You tell the person everything you have to say to the face. You dont play mind games because nobody deserves to be manipulated. You are transparent and there are no lies. If someone doesnt like your way of thinking, he knows where the door is and can leave whenever he wants.

Party of Two VR

You've invited fine ebony beauty Jenna Foxx to your "pool party". Of course, you neglected to tell her no other guests are coming and this is a special party just for the two of you. When she picks up on that, Jenna is more than happy to get naked and repay your hospitality. Watch those big natural titties bouncing right in your face in this great interracial VR porn scene. Jenna is really happy she came… Tags: Black, Interracial, Straight, Couple, Black Hair, Big Ass, Big Tits, 180, Blowjob, School College, Cumshots, Handjob, Hardcore, Striptease, Outdoor, Shaved, Lingerie, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Natural Tits, Full Sex Watch Movie

030 - Nikki Dream & Foxy Sanie VR

Sit down, relax and set your mood on the road to fun town, because Nikki Dream and Foxy Sanie are back with a whole new VR experience that will literally blow your mind! These amazing and absolutely smashing babes will give you the most entertaining lesbian pissing show you could ever dream of! You will watch them as they both shower each other with a golden rain and after take a real shower together while having some very naughty fun. These girls don't need to pretend - they actually loved every second and if you enjoy looking at beautiful wet naked babes, then you came to the right place! Tags: Czech, Lesbian, Couple, Blonde, Redhead, Small Tits, 180, School College, Fetish, Pissing, Striptease, Fingering, Shaved, Lingerie, Softcore, Bath, Natural Tits, Tattoo Watch Movie

Trading Up VR

You remember Casey, don't you? She was your brunette ex from last month who let you fuck her ass for the first and last time. Well, it's time to meet her crazy hot friend, Lily Labeau! She always had a big crush on you and now that Casey is out of the picture, it's your time to shine. Tags: White, Straight, Couple, Blonde, Big Dick, Small Tits, 180, Blowjob, School College, Handjob, Hardcore, Striptease, Facial, Hairy, Lingerie, Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Natural Tits, Full Sex Watch Movie

#1 Footbal Fan VR

European football championship might be over, but the whole fun for this horny football fan is just starting. Enjoy a virtual reality meeting with this tremendous model, who is happened to be a huge fan, so even the masturbating session happens only with the football ball around. Look at her getting fully naked and playing with her shaved muff, while sitting on a ball and dreaming about the football player Tags: Solo, Small Tits, 180, School College, Masturbation, Striptease, Fingering, Shaved, Softcore, Natural Tits, Glamour Watch Movie

Czech VR 110 VR

Want to know what happens, when you put Violette Pink and Cayla Lyons in one room with Luna Corazon? We’d give you a hint, but you’re smart and know the answer already, don’t you? Welcome to our very first strictly lesbian threesome VR experience! You’ll get to watch these babes do what only woman can do for another woman. And to top it all of, we thought it could be fun to try how it feels when you watch these babes licking another pussy from her POV perspective! Go check them out and let us know how you liked it! Tags: White, Black, Interracial, Latina, Lesbian, Threesome, Blonde, Brunette, Small Tits, 180, School College, Pussy Licking, Fingering, Shaved, Softcore, Natural Tits Watch Movie

How I Met Misha – Ep. 7 VR

The episode we’re waiting for is finally here! First part of “How I met Misha” season finale. How can finish up the story of Misha Cross? Should she choose her hot ex-girlfriend Gina? Should her stay with Potro and forget her? We’re not here to give her advices… But we think Misha and Gina makes the perfect match. And if you have any question about that, all you have to do is download this episode and watch this amazing lesbian scene in your Virtual Reality headset. But, be careful, you can always have surprises… Enjoy this VR porn scene in 180º FOV and our awesome Binaural Sound in your Smartphone Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, PSVR & HTC Vive! Tags: White, Lesbian, Couple, Blonde, Small Tits, 180, School College, Pussy Licking, Striptease, Toys, Fingering, Shaved, Natural Tits, Tattoo, Full Sex Watch Movie


Both Luna Corazon and Belle Claire were always curious to try another girl's pussy. But just now, after bathing, they are together and they can share this fantasy. The little room starts to get steaming hot from all the action these two hotties have prepared for each other. They are both so different, but so cute and horny at the same time. Their pussies are made for licking - you will see. Prepare your VR gear, folks, this one is a blast! Tags: White, Black, Interracial, Latina, Lesbian, Couple, Blonde, Brunette, Small Tits, 180, School College, Masturbation, Pussy Licking, Striptease, Fingering, Shaved, Hairy, Lingerie, Softcore, Natural Tits, Tattoo, Glamour Watch Movie

Wet Dreams Cum True VR

Away on business and trying not to cheat on your wife? The solution is simple. Let Lexi Donna come to your room and show you what she can do in VR Porn by herself! It doesn’t count as cheating if you never even got naked right?! Her perfect body and midnight brunette hair give her that mysterious quality you crave after years of being happily but monogamously married to just one woman. Let Lexi be your virtual reality mistress this afternoon and take home the kind of memories that will have you supercharged the next time you climb between your wife’s thighs to give her the fucking she deserves. Nobody else needs to know you’re still thinking about Ms. Lexi Donna! Tags: Czech, Straight, Couple, Brunette, Small Tits, 180, School College, Masturbation, Striptease, Fingering, Shaved, Lingerie, Softcore, Natural Tits, High Heels Watch Movie


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have a girlfriend that is both hot and is a football fan at the same time? Here you have a chance to feel all this by diving into a stunning VR scene, where horny couple is having lots of fun. Look at this remarkable blonde in a sporty outfit getting naked and riding a hard cock of her boyfriend. Relive the moments of hot sex and cum all over her pretty face Tags: Latina, Straight, Couple, Black Hair, Small Tits, 180, Blowjob, School College, Cumshots, Handjob, Hardcore, Striptease, Uniforms, Facial, Fingering, Shaved, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Natural Tits, Full Sex Watch Movie

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